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Monday, September 29, 2014

Section 13 Group 3 9/29

Today in class we talked about Machiavelli. We discussed his books and political views. In group discussion we went over whether a leader needs to be ruthless or not, and many other related questions.


  1. Peyton Sorgenfrei3:53 AM CDT

    What was Hobbes' most important book?
    What is epistemology?

    Do you believe that it's possible for our world to revert back to a 'state of nature'?
    Can God and religion be an illusion of our senses?

  2. Jim Bratton8:50 AM CDT

    FQs and DQs for next class:

    1. What age did Thomas Hobbes live to?
    2. What was the name of Hobbes' book, published in 1651?

    "Appearance and Reality"
    1. What is common sense realism?
    2. What is the Illusion Argument?

    1. Do you believe that dreams are very different from life when we are awake?

  3. FQ: T/F Thomas Hobbs lived to be 90 years old.
    DQ: Our book says that if someone were always dreaming, he/she would have no concept of dreaming. Does that, then, mean that if one is never dreaming, he/she would have no concept of reality?

  4. Hobbes

    DQ: do you think that everybody is basically selfish, driven by fear, and the hope for personal gain as thomas hobbes thought?

    FQ: what was the name of hobbes' most important book?

    DQ: do you agree with hobbes that humans are strictly physical beings without souls?

    FQ: T/F hobbes believed in democracy