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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Discussion 9/25 Section 10 Group 1 (The PhilOliphers)

Today we talked about the question on whether a belief in God can be derived from logic or if it is a matter of faith. We all agreed that faith is necessary to believe in God and to some extent, actively disbelieve in God. We also talked about how we as humans have such a small understanding of our universe and how it works and that we may never be able to see beyond our universe or from the outside looking in. I kind of talked about magnetic fields and how they are not very well understood. I do not think I really knew much about the topic but if you are interested in reading more about it, you can do so here (complete with technical jargon).


  1. FQ:
    What 2 animals did Machiavelli used to describe the attitudes princes should have? Answer: Lion and Fox
    Do you think Deterrence actually works?
    Related Link:
    Mayor quimby may not be the wisest, but he is for sure one of the luckiest, he gets relected every time.

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM CDT

    Peyton Tilley
    Machiavelli went from being a prince to a what?-Writer
    Do you believe that lying and murder are justifiable in the ways the Machiavelli saw them?


  3. FQ-
    Finish the sentence: "Machiavelli stresses that it's better as a leader to be ______ than to be ________."
    Do you feel as if civil disobedience has proven to be a good way to get "unjust" laws or regulations changed?

    Link: Martin Luther King Jr lays out civil disobedience in the best way, in my opinion. I love the way her clarifies the difference between just and unjust laws. This video is an interview of him talking on the subject.

  4. FQ:
    What did Machiavelli state that all princes need to be successful? (often known as a sense of manliness and the ability to 'seize the moment')

    Is there ever an instance where you believe that lying can be reasonable?

    Okay, so, Machiavelli has been a favorite figure of mine in European history. I've always found his ideas really intriguing. I tend to think him one of the most realistic philosophers, whether society likes his ideas or not. I really believe that luck is a huge component of my life. However, he is much more brutish and open to violence than I ever will be (that's the one thing I'm not too keen on). ANYWAYS, here is a link to a little bit of a biography of Machiavelli that goes a little further in depth on the insane man.