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Monday, September 22, 2014

section 13 group 1 9/22

Today we compared the difference between racists and specists and how they were similar.


  1. Jim Bratton8:41 AM CDT

    Section 13, Group 3
    FQs and DQs for next class:

    "Anselm and Aquinas"
    1. What was Aquinas convinced of?
    2. What did Anselm become?
    1. Do you think it is possible for there to be a perfect island?

    1. Name one of the universities Thomas Aquinas attended:
    2. (T/F) The place where Aquinas was born was called the Kingdom of Sicily
    1. Do you think the most worthwhile life involves the exercise of virtues?
    2. Do you believe there are absolute prohibitions/limits on the things we can do?

    "Politics 1"
    1. What is reverse discrimination?
    2. Name one principle of a staunch egalitarian:
    1. What is your definition of freedom?
    2. Do you think that unskilled workers (ex. fast food employees) should be earning more money than, for example, officers in the military? Why or why not?

  2. FQ: What book was anslems argument for god written in?
    What natural phenomenon did Aquinas argument for god originate?
    DQ: A scientific approach would state that the big bang was the first cause an indifferent event. How would you elaborate on Aquinas' view to agree or disagree with this position?

  3. Link: http://www.spiritualbridge.org/articles/st-thomas-aquinas-five-ways-to-prove-the-existence-of-god/#.VCLcTYQo6pV
    Five ways to prove gods exists