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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Section 10 group 3 summary 9/8/14 Author: David Cuthbertson

Today we talked in our section about the reasoning for religion, or say the questioning of it, along with the question, "Can someone truly be happy if they don't understand sadness?"  we also discussed if a wise man could be ignorant.  Religion in many ways can be a moral code, a reasoning point, a study, or even a coping mechanism.  Weather you need it to tell you what to do in life, or to give hope to those with assurance of an afterlife, it is their choice.  For our second notion, happiness only comes with the understanding of sadness.  the opinion of happiness to someone can mean something completely different to the happiness of another.  without sadness, we would have no other feeling to compare to happy, thus never allowing us to define happiness and sadness.  thirdly,  depending on the person, it is true that a wise man can be ignorant.  To prove a point if he/she ever uses their accolades as an add on to an argument, they are ignorant.  indulging in ones intellectual pride is one of the best examples of wise ignorance I can give.


  1. Hunter Coppinger section 10 group 3


    Epicurus was born on the Greek island of?

    Epicurus' philosophy school became known as?
    The Garden


    Like Epicurus said why do we think of our own death and imagine that we are looking at ourselves?

    If something is beyond your reach should you give up on it, and live the simple life or try our hardest to achieve it?

    Link- http://www.epicurus.net/
    Here are some books by Epicurus, read them by following the link.

  2. Anonymous10:56 AM CDT

    Dustin Chitwood for 9/11
    Are miracles claimed by all major religions or just a select few?
    Do you agree or disagree with Pyrrho in his approach on life, in believing that 'We can't completely trust our senses? Why or why not?
    I felt this link was interesting because it discusses does God exist further.

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM CDT

    Joel LaFollette for 9/11
    1. What was the main teaching of Skepticism?

    2. Fill in the blank: Pyrrho was the most famous and probably the most extreme ____ of all time.

    1. Should we conclude that we should ignore our instincts and feelings about what is dangerous based on the idea that "we can't know anything"?

    2. Should we fear death? Why or why not?

    Relevant link:

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM CDT


    FQ: True or false: Epicurus only allowed free men to become his students?

    DQ: How skeptical are you, and how do you think that level of skepticism serves you?

    And since our God discussion is about miracles, here is one that should probably be discounted.