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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Discussion for Group 3 Section 10

We discussed that movement, in any way, stimulates your thoughts. We related this to traveling, hiking, scuba diving, as well as long-boarding. It allows you to block out other thoughts and focus on what you need to focus on at that time.

Then, we focused on if everything happens for a reason or if it is all by chance.
People use "everything happens for a reason" as a coping mechanism. A kid getting shot in a parking lot... Does that happen for a reason? Or was he or she just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Some people form a religion to explain things that they cannot. Another person mentioned that God has plans for him, in the grand scheme, but not little things like getting a good parking spot on campus.

-Christa Adams (group 3 section 10)


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM CDT

    Francisco Pezzimenti, here are the questions for next class
    Factual questions
    1) If philosophy had a patron who would it be? Answer: Socrates
    2)Who wrote the Cave's Theory? Answer Plato.
    Discussion Question
    1)Do you think love can be substituted as Socrates thought?
    2)Do you agree with the being reflective is a social activity rather than a solitary one?
    Sorry for publishing as anonymus i have some problems loggin to my account

  2. FQ's:

    1. Who were the Sophists?

    2. In a well known quote, Socrates said "The unexamined life is __________"


    1. Would you rather choose death over living life quietly without asking questions?

    2. The first sentence of the first chapter of LH says Socrates was put to death for asking too many questions. This was interesting to me, as it brings me to my question: Is it really even possible to "ask too many questions"?

    To top it all off, this BBC skit showed up in my recommended videos and is oddly relevant. Hope you guys enjoy it.

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM CDT

    Dustin Chitwood, sorry i am still working on getting my my email recognized as an author, but here are my factual questions and my discussion questions.


    1. Wisdom to Socrates meant what?

    2. Who wrote nothing down because he was probably too busy talking?


    1. According to Plato, because philosophers were good at thinking about reality they should be in charge and have all the political power, would this work in our society today?

    2. Do you believe that having a conversation with somebody with no holds barred can help you find out things better?

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM CDT

    FQ: True or False, Socrates left behind a large volume of work of his teachings which he added to by hand after each class.

    DQ: What do you think the motivations were for those who voted to condemn Socrates to death and those who voted to let him live? Did it relate to his work and any changing of Athenian culture.

    And so we can put some visual reference to the death of Socrates, here is an historical reenactment, with Steve Martin playing Socrates.
    *Historical accuracy not guaranteed.