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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

section 10, group 2 discussion

Today we talked about location while walking, and how environment affects how you think while walking. We also discussed how impressionable we are as individuals.

-Kayla Karlovic, group 2,


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM CDT

    Kristopher Rollins - Required Participation for September 4th

    FQ: Socrates claims to have learned all he knows about eroticism from what possibly fictional older woman?

    DQ: Considering the uncertainty of the existence of Diotima, it is easy to question the existence of any person Socrates claims to have spoken to. If every conversation Socrates claims to have had were actually fictional, would it change anything about our appreciation of his life and work?

    Link: http://youtu.be/k2KzymrmNa0?t=45s

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM CDT

    Valeria Davis, section 10 group 2

    FQ: The word 'philosopher' comes from the Greek words meaning what?
    A- 'love of wisdom'.

    FQ: Why did Socrates refuse to write anything down?
    A- For him talking was far better than writing.

    DQ: What's easier for you? Some people get their thoughts out better on paper, and some prefer talking.

  3. Max Erskine (section 10)


    What was the story behind Socrates death? How and why did he die?


    What is right and wrong? Is it subjective, opinionated or black and white?


    Socrates background information