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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Group 1 Section 14

Our group had quite a heated debate about the ethics and theories of the homeless and unfortunate. We then moved into a debate about legalization and crime. This was following our quiz and discussion about Kant and Bentham.

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  1. _________ wrote The Candide. This author frequently used instances from his own life and politics to express his point of view.
    ___________ believed that anything that ceases to be observed ceases to exist
    Free will is an illusion, according to which famous philosopher?
    ___________ was accused of plotting to murder the king Charles the Second.
    John Locke
    ___________ believed that your consciousness of yourself made you the person that you are.
    Who believed that God is infinite, and therefore there could be nothing that wasn’t God?
    Explain the Watchmaker Theory.
    Who said that the design Argument was based on bad logic?
    Who believed that religion came from the heart and did not need religious ceremonies?
    If you put humans in a state of nature, what would happen, according to Rousseau?
    We wouldn’t have nearly as many problems as we would in a city.
    I am so so sorry. I forgot to post these. Terrible weekend, but I digress.
    At the very least it may help those of you that look at this to study.