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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sec 9 group 2

Today in class we discussed that it is hard to rationalize our belief in God if we believe in Darwin's theory of eveolution. Also we discussed that prof backed up by science and fact goes much further than just clams in the argument of evolution.


  1. Hey I'm a part of group 3, but we didn't designate an author so I shall post to yalls.

    Comments from class: I enjoyed combining the whole class. We should do that more often. As far as my own personal view on evolution and religion, I completely believe that they can coexist. Personally, I just adapt my own religious view to fit with science. However, this brings me to the question: how much evidence in science is enough evidence to be able to include that adaptation in religion? I say this because some religious people still say there isn't enough proof that evolution exists. But that raises the question: where is your overwhelming evidence for your religion? <--- just thoughts

    1. What biblical character did Kierkegaard base his book Fear and Trembling on?
    2. Karl Marx believed in what type of political world?

    1. Do you believe God's commands are greater than some moral social duties?
    2. Do you believe that capitalism will destroy itself? How would you go about helping the problem of the poorer getting poorer? Do you believe we still have that problem today even?


  2. Which book of Kirkegaard did Carlisle discuss?
    What economic class did Marx support the most?

    How do you prioritize your decisions?
    What is the best economic system?