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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Section 14 Group 1
First, Dr. Oliver talked about the  Philosophers during our reading. The ideas of Hegel and the pessimism of Schopenhauer. We discussed the questions: How do you know that once your out of the cave Plato proposes you aren't still in another cave? This was discussed by the class and the general idea that there is no explanation, but David discussed the idea that the cave doesn't particularly mean to leave for a higher place, but simply questioning your believes and examining your life. The idea that if you have a ludicrous thought you are leaving the cave. We, in group one, discussed whether ignorance is bliss and the idea that as we progress over history do we get more free really? We came to numerous conclusions that ignorance may be bliss in certain situations and in other situations it may not. We also came up with the idea that more freedom is taken away from us due to social expectations.
Tyler Bean


  1. FQ: T/F - Karl Marx was an egalitarian.
    DQ: Why would God create us as such rationally minded beings but wants us to follow him on the basis of faith, which is essentially the lack of proven fact.

  2. Do you think not caring is liberating? Not really a discussion question, just a thought when I can't sleep.
    Or is it lonely? If you don't care, are you less likely to have more friends? Are you less likely to be in a stable relationship?
    I feel like William James... At least that is what I think his name is... This probably makes no sense. But I feel like it's awesome.
    I need sleep

  3. Haha! I always feel philosophical when I get sleepy, or I can't sleep. I would have to say that having no cares would be liberating, but not in a good way (or at least the way I see it). Some topics do need care, especially if a consequence is to follow regardless of the amount of effort. For instance, it is liberating to not care about a class, project, or paper, since you would no longer feel the responsibility of the assignments. However, you still reap the consequences. So really, what I'm kind of beating around the bush to say is this: not caring is really an action that shirks responsibility. We should care about everything in a sense, but at the same time know when we should let go.
    Just my opinion! I figured you'd like some other insight into your late night philosophy