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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jsoeph L. FInal Morality Report.

A lot of what I believe to be right and true are merely points of perception. What one person enjoys another may hate and what one person believes holy another believes sacrilege. People are different by nature and always will be. Imagine a world where everyone thought the exact same and held the same values. To some that sounds like a perfectly happy world but to me that sounds like some kind of weird hell. This not only affects whether you like apple juice or orange juice more but it only affects how we judge people. Justice and judgment is given by our peers and we expect fair and equal treatment in all respects but can this even be done? I want to give anyone reading this a quick test and an interesting story to find out.
            Once upon a time there was a married couple of man and woman. Neither were born into wealthy families so when they set out to find their own home they had to find one out on the corner of the city. They needed jobs like any member of society so they agreed and the husband wanted to be the one to support his new family. He found a job in the big city but to get there he had to go to the river, take a ferry across, then take a bus to reach his work. It was tough but honest work. This however also with rough work conditions meant the man would be gone for most of the day and only came home late. The wife after being alone at home for most of the day nearly every day became very lonely and dissatisfied. She set out on the plan to find a man to meet her needs. She was responsible about it however, she would not get overly attached and when she believed things got too serious or when they got to a point where it was more work than reward she would back out. This went on for a little while and she met her first lover who got too attached so she cut contact and faded into the city. Shortly thereafter she found her second lover and things went well for a while but they got into a big argument and one day she was kicked out. Flustered and upset she set on her way home, after all she didn’t need another man she has her husband who would be home soon since it was getting late. After she made it to the ferry pier however she realized she had no purse. Unable to pay she asked the ferryman whom she was a regular customer of if she could have one free ride and she would pay him back later. The ferryman however a business could not help her. Afterall if he broke code now what would stop him from doing it again in the future? She was upset but who could she blame so in her desperation she set back for lover number twos house. She told him she had lost her purse and needed to get home and asked for old time’s sake if he could spare some money. Still angry from their fight he denied her and slammed the door. Realism was setting in as the wife realized she needed to get home or else the husband would notice she was missing. In her desperation she returned to the place of her first lover. She introduced herself to the man who immediately recognized her and said she had no timed and asked if she could borrow some money and that she was in a bind. The man still hurt and confused said he had no money to give to her and told her to leave and closed his door to her. The woman now increasingly desperate returned to the pier since she had little time, she had to go home. She simply considered swimming across the pier before she remembered that down the river was a bridge. The reason it took long to remember was because it was a run down and shady bridge that was known for housing crime and muggers. At this point she believed to have the options of A. be late and try to somehow explain to the husband that she needed to go back to the house when he returns or B. cross the run down bridge risk the crime and return home. The option to her was obvious and so she set off to the bridge. As expected a mugger confronted her and she resisted. In the struggle the mugger stabbed her and took her jewelry and ran off leaving her there bleeding where she would shortly after die of blood loss. This is a sad story but the point I want to share is who here is to blame? Is it the husband for not being home for and meeting the wifes needs? The lovers for not helping a woman in need and paying money? Ferryman for not giving a normal customer one free ride even though she said she’d pay it back later? The wife for cheating and then taking the risk on the bridge? The mugger who stabbed her and left with her jewelry? Most people who read this story say it is completely the wife’s fault for dying. She put herself in all of those situations and deserved what happened. She had it coming. I’m here to tell you that is wrong. I know why you blame her afterall bad things happen to bad people right? No this is completely the muggers fault. He had the knife! He stabbed her! He left her to die. We cannot blame the victim. Even if she was a cheater does that truly mean she deserved to die? This same argument is brought up with rape. “She wore skimpy clothing drank and went down an ally. She was asking for it.” No one deserves to be taken advantage of. No one ASKS to be molested or worse killed. This victim culture is something society is terrified we are becoming and I simply want to warn you of its danger and to ask you to consider the consequences. Morality and justice are hand in hand. Just because you don’t like someone please don’t blame them for a crime that they were themselves the victim of. Find the culprit.

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  1. And have some compassion for human frailty and vulnerability, I take it you're saying. I agree. We're all implicated in each others' lives, we're all responsible (I prefer that locution to "blame") for one another and for ourselves.

    In print, your story retains the same frantic pace you gave it in the telling. That's impressive, Jsoe.