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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Final Report Presentation 4/4

Here is a little more in depth analysis of the Assasin's creed
''Nothing is true, Everything is permitted''
When they say nothing is true it's because the Templar's have fabricated law's upon lie's covered in truths, so Nothing is true as you see as you go with the story. This being the only truth as the assassins stand against this in shadow. Everything is permitted for they do not abide by the law's of Man. For the law's of men are fabricated by those they stand against, the Templars. Thus why they hide in shadows. Everyone else abides by the decree of the Templar's whether they like it or not. But The assassins do not .They simply do not openly stand against it or they would face being discovered fully and ultimately failing their ultimate goal to stop them. Being that threw out the whole series. They are always outnumbered and, out ranked by the Templar's. This is why They say Nothing is True and, Everything is Permitted.


  1. So, briefly: why do you like the Assassins? And can you allay my concerns about vigilante "justice"?

  2. Assassins are noble, they fight for a common good, justice, freedom, they have no personal gain, their pure porpoise is an altruistic one, they are like Batman but better, haha. Every time they killed a templar they felt guilt/sadness even if killing is bad, they know is a necessary mean, and they are the one who have to carry the burden of justice.