Up@dawn 2.0

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Section 10 Group 1

Today, we graded tests and did our usual quiz.
But we also got in to some really productive discussion! As a class, we discussed if we'd rather make ourselves happy (that is, I presume, force ourself in to happy circumstances or moods) or just let the world and our emotions sort of run its course. While some took in to account the economics of it all, I think the majority of us concluded that we'd rather make ourself be happy than walk around in a zombie like state. As a group, we discussed whether our not we thought the past, future, and present was real, which got some pretty interesting answers, because, when you think about it, none of the three are actually tangible, so can we really refer to those tenses as anything more than ideas?
We concluded with the happy pig/sad human questions, which spark some interesting and intellectual answers.
All in all, a great class!


  1. (T/F) Kierkegaard was comforted by how easy it was to default his decisions to align with his faith.
    A. False

    DQ: Is it possible to actively enforce a successful Marx-like utopia?

    Link: http://www.radiolab.org/story/patient-zero-updated/
    This radiolab episode brings up many ethical questions regarding disease and those that are affected by disease. It also has some relevant commentary regarding ebola.

  2. FQ:
    Marx believed that ________ in the end would destroy us. (capitalism)

    Do you believe that the subjective point of view is all important?