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Monday, November 17, 2014

Post 1/4 Kameshia Jones- Voltaire

Writer, historian, philosopher. These are merely some of the words used to describe the mighty talented François-Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire. This first post will cover his background and early life. Born on the 21st of November, he was the youngest of five children. Being educated in Paris, at a young age he realised he wanted to become a writer. Although he had one profession in mind, his father had another. His family wanted him to become a lawyer. Wanting to please them, he pretended to be a lawyer's assistant. After being found out, his father sent him off to study law. Needless to say, he continued to write instead. He became very popular amongst societal circles. Over time, Voiltare became very involved with governmental matters. He continued to cause trouble with the French authorities for his attacks on the government and the Catholic Church. This ultimately resulted in numerous imprisonments and exiles throughout his life.

Stay tuned for more about Voltaire..
Kameshia Jones
Section 9/Group 3


  1. Looking forward to you next post, Kameshia. Try to include some visuals, links, embeds etc. - that's the beauty and the fun of the blog format.

  2. Hi Kamesha:)
    i like your post!
    i am not signed up as an author so i am going to post my notes to the final (video) below:)

    1569, French.
    Invented the coordinate plane and many other scientific discoveries
    Methodological specticism
    I think, therefore I am
    Ontological argument

    1580 British
    People are naturally evil state before society
    Body politic
    Complete control=order
    If there is a king, selfishness will be eliminated

    1632 Dutch
    Everything you can sense is reality
    Good and bad are concepts that inly humans understand
    Unfortunate? You don’t understand

    Categorical imperative
    No grey areas
    Maxims: universality, no manipulation, act like moral authority