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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kant Touch This

I wasn't assigned this, but I haven't seen it posted yet. Last class, all we really did (other than the normal quiz and discussion) we had group reports! One was on Kant, another on Assassins Creed, and the last on Star Trek.


  1. yay I was wondering where our group's post was! anyways, here goes.

    FQ: Along with being the most famous existentialist philosopher, Sartre was also a novelist, playwright, and ________?

    DQ: How do you know that what you believe is true?

    Link: http://www.nytimes.com/books/00/12/24/reviews/001224.24spurlit.html

  2. Factual questions:
    ) what were the three topics Russell focused most of his energy on?
    2) Ayer's 1936 book Language, Truth and Logic was a part of what movement?
    3) what was the nam of Simone de Beauvoir's early feminine book?

    Discussion questions:
    1) Why do you think people are drawn to religion?
    2) With all the negative consequences of human developments, is science really our greatest achievement?
    3) Are humans ever really free? Or do the constraints and demands of life such as work, school, etc. keep us from ever achieving true freedom?