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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Final Report 4 of 4 ( Charles Hull, Section 9, 3)

This I Believe

Have you sat back and wonder how things can to be?
Have you ever pondered the answers to the questions, that "science cant answer"?
I have, and I've concluded that God, is the answer

This I Believe

I am a devoted Christian
and i believe just what the word, bible, says
I believe that God himself created the Earth, and everything inhabit the Earth
I believe that God is omnipotent, all knowing and all powerful
I believe that God is Awesome, and Merciful

This I Believe

 Many people are not Christian, that i am aware
Although i may not agree, I respect everybody's beliefs
My goal is not to bash or diminish anyone's religion or way of life
Instead just as God, i show love to all my neighbors

This I Believe

God brings hope, love, and joy
to a place that's other wise filled with chaos
He helps those in need
He protects those whose in need to protection
He treats us like his children, with the utmost regard
God is a miracle worker, that is immune to failure.

This i Believe

I strongly believe and follow God
I persistently strive to make it to heaven daily
But if I'm wrong, if there's no heaven
Then I believe, just as Pascal believes, if you bet on God and lose, you lose nothing
But I'm right, and my beliefs valid, then I will gain all.

1 comment:

  1. "I persistently strive to make it to heaven daily" -

    I hope you mean you strive to be worthy to make it there someday, a long time from now... not that you strive to get there today, every day.

    In that case, even if you're wrong, presumably you will have lived a virtuous and beneficent long life among the humans who are so much in need of your presence and example.