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Monday, November 24, 2014

Descartes and Dr. Destiny.

How do we know what is real and what is fabricated? What is an actual item that can be touched or simply just a mirage floating before our eyes? How do we ever know if we are in a conscience “real” realm of existence?
These are questions that the philosopher Descartes asked after experiencing what I believe to be was a “lucid” dream, a dream that seemed so real and lifelike that you actually believe you are awake. Descartes was actually so fixated with what could be real and what could be fabricated that he created a method of thinking called “Descartes’ Method of Doubt”, which is essentially a method of thinking that leaves room for no doubt whatsoever. For something to be truly real and in existence you must have no doubt and be in full certainty of its being and nature.  
Descartes method of doubt is not the only major thought and/or idea that we have from this philosopher; he also believed that our dreams or realities could be controlled be demons or other beings. These demons would be in control of our thought processes and we may not be conscience of their existence.

Dr. Destiny is a super-villain that reminds me greatly of Descartes. Dr. Destiny was a villain that was obsessed with creating false realities that he would use to trap Batman and Superman into, causing them confusion and despair. You could almost say Dr. Destiny is the demon that could be fabricating our lives at this very moment.

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  1. "he also believed that our dreams or realities could be controlled be demons or other beings" - well, no, he really didn't. That was the point of Peirce's criticism, that we "should not pretend to believe in our philosophy what we do not believe in our hearts."