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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Philosophers and Villians Part 1 of 4

Pascal is a man of probability, suggesting humanity to let a coin toss dictate the most important decision in any human being’s life. Is there a God? Is there a heaven or hell? Is there even a need to prove that the existence of either? How should you live your life? Morally upright in case heaven is there and you just might miss the fall into eternal damnation? As a man of faith in Christ, I find it personally hard to take Pascal or any of his views with any bit of seriousness. 

He claims that if we are wrong on our bet then we have nothing to lose, but I disagree, not believing in my point of view damns a person to an eternity of torment and separation of the greatest love that has ever existed. How would your life have any individuality or flavor if you based every decision no matter how big or small on the flip of a coin? 

Pascal is an incarnation of the villain Harvey Dent, the infamous villain otherwise known as Two-Face from the Batman novels, Platus and Harvey can both be seen with a coin flipping up and down the knuckles of one hand with the idea of probability controlling their actions and dictating their life. Pascal's are more personal but he suggests the idea to others that question the Christian faith, while Two-Face would flip the coin to determine if he would kill or maim a victim, in a sense are they doing the same thing to their “victims” if Heaven and Hell exist? If this is the case , then Pascal should bear the faces of Harvey Dent, one side unscathed and handsome while the other is gruesome and covered in scars. 

Take your chance, flip your coin. 


  1. Platus is a Pascalian?

    1. I'm confused on the point you're making Doctor...

    2. i see my mistake and i have no idea what i was thinking!