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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Section 9 Group 1 "42"

Yesterday in class, our group discussed mainly the first question about whether or not we thought there was still a struggle between the classes even if it is not as noticeable today.  Most of us immediately said there still was, but then Madison brought up the term hierarchy.  We ended up deciding that the social strata is still very much skewed in favor of today's elite, and that we are excited for our generation to take their places because we feel like we see the problems of the division of classes clearer.  We also feel like there needs to be a change in the government structure in general.  We don't want to go as extreme as communism, but the capitalistic society that we have in this country isn't always the most beneficial.


  1. FQ:
    1. For William James, pragmatism boils down to the truth is _____.
    2. What did Nietzsche mean by God is dead?
    3. For Freud, what was "the royal road to the unconscious"?

    1. Is the truth subjective? Or is there an ultimate truth?
    2. Do you think you know yourself?

  2. FQ:
    1) God is dead
    2)(T/F) James was a pragmatist
    3) Who wrote the book "Joyful wisdom?"

    1) What do you think would happen if people stopped believe in God's existence?
    2) Comment on "different people at different times read the text differently"

  3. Our author never posted so I shall post here!

    Comments: In class, my group (group 3) talked about multiple topics, however, the topic that stuck out most to me is the one on if society still has a system of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. My view on the subject is: yes after a certain point of "richness"/"poorness" I do believe they are just getting more into their economic classes. On the other hand, though, I believe that in today's society there are so many more opportunities for people to work their way up the pyramid per say. Just some thoughts and input.

    1. (T/F) Nietzsche believed that all human beings have the same worth.
    2. Where do they say pragmatism originated?

    1. What are your thoughts on Freud's reasoning for religion?
    2. Do you give more compassion towards the weak or favor the "warlike heroes?"


  4. FQ's
    1. Ayer's method of telling meaningful sentences from meaningless sentences involved asking what two questions?
    2. Ayer's theory of ________ is often described as the boo!/hooray! Theory.

    1. Do our lives have intrinsic value? Does the value exceed that of other species?
    2. What are your thoughts on the value of Ayer's logical positivism?