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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Final Report 1 of 4

A conversation among philosophers
Part 1

In a hypothetical time, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Darwin, Blaise Pascal and Pyrrho ponder Gods existence. They are all sitting at a round table drinking when suddenly Nietzsche asks Pascal about his theory called Pascal’s Wagner.
Friedrich Nietzsche: So Pascal, don’t you feel like there is a flaw in your views on God? I mean you should feel some guilt for only believing in God because it is your best mathematical choice. Most people who follow a religion wont be making that decision because it’s the best gamble.
Blaise Pascal: You’re right. Most people will not make their decisions based on how the math may benefit them. However, you forgot to mention that I don’t believe we have free will. I believe in predestination, so the people who will end up in heaven, have already been decided. Also, there is really no harm in believing in God. If god does not exist, you will not be alive to regret all the effort you put in believing in God. If you give into your sinful desires and there is a god you will be damned to hell. So, I do believe in God.
Pyrrho: But how can you know anything for certain? How do you know we are even in this room right now! If there is no way for us to be certain on whether there is a God or not, then there is no reason for us to even be discussing this.
FN: I do believe it is silly that you believe in God, Pascal. Don’t you know, that God is dead? It is completely unreasonable to believe in God. You’re making yourself look bad and unintelligent.
BP: What will become of this sinful world if there is no God? There would be no morals for us to follow.
FN: I’m not saying everyone should go out and do the worst things possible. I just think we should get past the Christian morals that we follow and develop new ones.
Pyrrho: There you go again making firm beliefs. We know nothing for sure.
FN: What do you mean? Charles has proven that God doesn’t exist with his discovery of evolution.
Charles Darwin: It is true. Evolution is real. It is a godless process in which we are clearly not descendants of a God. However, I like to keep an open mind on the subject. I believe we are unable to make an educated thought on this subject. It is beyond us...

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  1. Interesting panel!

    "Charles has proven that God doesn’t exist with his discovery of evolution" - Darwin himself didn't make this claim, and would probably not characterize evolution as necessarily "godless"... but you're right, plenty of Darwinians (and Nietzscheans) do make the bolder assertion.