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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Final Report: Post 2 of 4 ( Charles Hull, Section 9, 3)

This I Believe

Music is life
Music brings movement into stiff vessels
It is something that cannot be quenched until one receives it
Music is something that drives people, whether good or bad
Music is impactful and inspirational

This I Believe

Music is made of all things soundly
From your car horn, to screams of a newborn
In any instance, the sound of screams, or the sweet melody of a horn can form something so soothing
And alerting, and so uplifting that you can't help but to move, but to do something

This I Believe

Just as much as air, music is needed for life
Because without music, there is no rhythm
And without a rhythm, there is no beat

And without a beat, even the cannot operate

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  1. "And without a beat, even the cannot operate"

    -the what?