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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exam 2- Section 9 Group 1

1. Historically science replaced what?
2. (T/F) Descartes was more certain of his mind than his body.
3. (T/F) Locke believed God would punish people for all crimes.
4. According to George Berkeley, anything that stops being _______ ceases to _______.
5. Who said "There is more to seeing than meets the eyeball?" 
6. According to Millican, does Hume think we're "wrong" (as well as mistaken) to expect the future to resemble the past?
7. Esse est percipi means what?
8. (T/F) Hume believed that the Design Argument was based on bad logic
9. (T/F) According to Rousseau, human beings are naturally good.
10. Who showed the flaws in Locke's idea that a man is not the same person as he was as a child?

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