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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Section 9 Group 1

Quiz for 9/9/14
1) From what book did the phrase "one swallow doesn't make summer" come from?
2) What was Aristotle's simple answer to "how we should live"?
3) Aristotle's belief that every virtue lies between two extremes is known as his Doctrine of what?
4) Did Aristotle view God as personal or impersonal to humans?
5) What does "ethica" mean?
6) What's another word for the Theological Argument?

1) What does happiness mean to you?
2) Why do you think evil exists in the world?
3) Aristotle said "True happiness takes a long life". Do you agree?
4) Do you believe it is possible for more than one religion or ideology to be correct?
5) Is happiness measurable? Quantifiable?
6) Is there a specific argument that you particularly agree or disagree with the existence of God?

Today we had a really interesting conversation about happiness in general as a term and the way we would define it personally. The perception of happiness for each individual was unique in some ways and there were some things that we agreed on as a group.
Also we had a really interesting conversation about the existence of the evil in the world. We somehow connected the existence of evil with happiness. In other words, if we don't experience pain do we know or appreciate when we are happy? Everyone has different standards about the levels of pain or happiness...well, that's what makes everyone unique.


  1. FQ:
    1. According ot Pyrrho, firm beliefs always involve what?
    2. What is another name for the Gambler's Argument?

    1. Have you ever experienced a miracle?
    2. Out of the philosophers we have learned about, who do you most agree with thus far?

    This is a little more in depth about Pyrrho.

  2. Jason Robinson2:20 AM CDT

    1. Epicurus believed we should live what kind of lifestyle?
    2. The generalization that no one rises from the dead is an example of what?

    1. Do you fear death? Why or why not?
    2. Which is more important to you, faith or logic?

    Here is a humorous yet informative video about Epicurus (and Zeno).

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM CDT

    Yoan Konkobo
    1.What great city was the house with the garden that Epicurus bought located at?
    2. If you want to be happy be ______.

    1. What are your beliefs on the after life? What do you think happens when we die?
    2. Do you believe that we have a life force such as a soul? What happens to the soul after it's host dies?

    1. http://www.iep.utm.edu/garden/
    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhhEeI3K7GU

  4. FQ:
    1. What does Epicurus believe the point of philosophy is?
    2. What does Epicurus believe the key to life is?

    1. What do you believe the point of philosophy is? Is philosophy important?
    2. Should everyone philosophize or do some not enjoy the luxury of life to philosophize?

    Link: Why I think some people do not have the luxury to philosophize in life. Some have real problems and threats to sustain life.


  5. DQ:
    1. Do you believe in Miracles?
    2. If all these miracles cancel out on another, are there really such things as miracles?
    1. What are the three questions that sum up Pyrrho's philosophy?
    2. What is Epicurus's key to life?