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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ethan Holley(8)- Stephen Amell/Cancer

I will start with a little off of the main topic. I did this topic for a few reasons. The first being that the Green Arrow is my favorite superhero. So when Stephen Amell supported fighting cancer I was eager to get behind him. The second being back in 2012 I worked with Camp Horizon. Which is a cancer surviving camp. I myself worked the siblings week, which is the week after oncology week (the week of actual cancer survivors). Sibs week was all about the siblings getting all the attention for one week out of the year and not having to worry about their brother or sister. Camp Horizon was my home away from home when the ACS still funded camps around the states. Two weeks after camp I went to visit my brother and sister in California, and found it my sister has skin cancer. Its not as bad as it could be, but it made me start thinking on this subject more closely.

In April of 2012 Stephen Amell went to Toronto to visit his mother who was going through chemotherapy. He states him and his mother were out side of a bar in Toronto when he gave the camera a finger in order to say F-Cancer. At the time he did not know there was an actual charity called F-Cancer. After a few days of the photo going viral someone from the charity had contacted him in twitter to help promote them. Apparently he was eager to accept seeing as this is now a huge thing. After that has has helped any cancer charity with out hesitation even if they didn't ask. This is why I will always back up what ever he charity gets behind. This is a person who has been there and helped with trying to fight it even though its out of his hands.

bottom left: Stacy(sister) top left: Debbie(sister-in law)  top right: Kortni(niece)
                 middle right: Kevin(brother)  bottom right:Scott(brother-in law)

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