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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Karl Marx and Social Classes-Imran Khan Section 8 - Installment 2

Imran Khan
Section 8
Second Installment

My first installment was a small summary of Karl Marx’s life and some of the pieces he has written over the course of his life. In this installment I would like to discuss a little bit about Karl Marx’s theory on social class. Karl Marx was one of the first social scientists to study and focus on the social classes of people. His major point and theory that he believed is that “one’s social class dictates one’s social life. He was basically stating that whatever your social class may be in a society is basically how your life will be lived, so if you are considered to be lower class you will live a life with many hard times and lots of poverty. Marx even had his own theory of how people would be sorted and be placed into these certain classes. He basically states whoever is in ownership of what the people want and need to survive and prosper on are going to be the people of high class or wealth in his ideal society. These are the people that own land and factories mainly. Marx had also said that the world is so full of wealth that he did not understand how so much of it is in poverty, he said that capitalism would be the solution to this problem. As you guys can probably see Marx had some very radical theories and views on society, which is why it led him to being expelled from Germany as I mentioned in my first installment. This is just a small portion of his beliefs, if you would like to learn more I really would recommend reading some of his writings to get a better idea of how he thinks and philosophizes on different social and political issues.

Link to First Installment: http://cophilosophy.blogspot.com/2015/11/karl-marx-by-imran-khan-8.html



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