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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2nd installment 
(12) Justin Huggins

What made you believe? 
The second question that I asked my uncle was about how he ended up becoming a Christian. My uncle was 19 when he went into prison in 1982, so you can imagine the affects on his life. He told me one thing that was interesting to me “Everyone has to prove themselves, but not to show that you the strongest but to show that you have heart.” When I asked his about what made you believe what you believe he said cause “Im still here.” My uncle has been through a lot, and those events have left their marks behind. If you look at my uncle you will see a scare on the side of his head from a bullet that grazed him in prison. And if you look at his ribs you will see a scare from a knife that someone tried to take his life with. He told me that God had to have something bigger for him on down the road to keep him alive. Being surrounded by all the evil and corrupt people that was in the prison he had to find a way out of the evil. The only way he could cope with it was to turn to God. Jackie said, “ Sometimes what the devil means for bad, God means for good.” If being put in the situation he was put in was the only way that he could see God’s grace then thats okay with him. Although he has lost half of his life he feels that he has gained much more. Jackie believes that God will not give you something that you cant handle, and sometime you are put in places for a reason. Sometime you have to play the hand that you are given, and make the best of it.

Even though I was imprisoned, I felt free, and I knew that God was with me no matter where I was.

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