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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Unesti Banks (#8) 2/3 Simone de Beauvoir

“Women are still, for the most part, in the state of subjection. It follows that women sees herself and chooses herself not insofar as she exists for herself but as man defines her. So we must first describe her as men dream her, since her being for men is one of the essential factors for her concrete condition”

Simone Beauvoir was most famous for her book about women being the "Second Sex".

Simone de Beauvoir philosophy outlined the ways women were perceived as “other in male-controlled society. She though that women were considered second to men, or second to the default sex. Simone de Beauvoir believed that women tend to take on roles giving by society; in other words, the roles that women play were not giving at birth. She assumed that women were taught and coached to be the way they are, and she also believed that women were taught to believe that they are only capable of following instructions that are socially constructed.

  Simone concluded that if a woman is taught to act a certain way, to sit a certain way, to work certain jobs, and to play a certain role in her family, she is going to think that her freedom and realism is limited. This was a major problem for Simone de Beauvoir, especially with her being an existentialist philosopher and feminist. Beauvoir compared this situation of being a women in a man’s world, to being a black person in a white world. Being taught that you are second class often makes you ponder on how much freedom you really have. 

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