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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Michael Jackson

Final Installment
Posted for Lauren Coleman (graphics not preserved in this formatting)


  My first and second installments discussed the humanitarian actions

Michal took to support his philosophical beliefs such as creating a sanctuary

for orphaned and sick animals on his Neverland Ranch to helping a young

child with AIDS live life to the fullest. For those of us who are strong enough

to look past the lies about him the media hurled at society it is very easy to

see what a remarkable human being and great philosopher Michael was.

He lived a life far from normal but from my personal findings it seems to me

that he lived the best life he could and helped as many people both young

and old as best he could. It seems to me that unlike the typical philosopher

most of us imagine when we hear the word philosopher Michael’s personal

philosophies can be found in his music particularly on his Dangerous album

where he wrote most if not all of the songs himself. The album was

released in November of 1991. I Know most people wouldn’t particularly

agree that Michael Jackson was a philosopher but there aren’t any strict

guidelines on who can and cannot be a philosopher. So when I think of a

philosopher I think of Michael Joseph Jackson.

Lauren Coleman

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  1. A philosopher is someone who loves wisdom. seeks it, and applies it in his/her life as best he/she can. Short of that, we all have an implicit philosophy of life that reveals itself in our actions and demeanor. So, sure: Michael was a philosopher. Was he a good one? Depends on who you ask and what you think it means to live wisely. How many bad choices can a person make, before relinquishing a claim to wisdom?