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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dedication of a fan, By Chris Redditt #12

Posted for Chris Redditt (#12)

            While doing research for my topic on sports and philosophy I came across a video of a man describing Homer Simpson, from the television show “The Simpsons”. He was describing how Homer can be in front of a TV for hours with just chips and beers and it looks like he is bored. In the modern world, you give anyone a chance to sit down in front of their TV with no one to bother them with food and alcohol and whoever it is will they died and made it to heaven.
            Many people think happiness is just temporary and it fluctuates like an emotion, but that is false. Aristotle says happiness is everlasting when you completed your final goal successfully then you are truly happy. Searching the internet I found these two Italian men that may have completed a life goal and found true happiness, according to Aristotle. Recently a NBA legend and future first ballot hall of famer Kobe Bryant announced that he was retiring at the end of the season. All the news stations was covering his story all night and day. I got numerous alerts from ESPN and Bleacher Report on his retirement and the impact he is leaving behind. Now two Italian men left everything behind in Italy just to come to the United States and watch Kobe Bryant play the 76ers for the last time. To them

I believe going through all that trouble just to see a meaningless sports game that the Lakers lost in by the way was still thrilling and made the men very happy. Just by attending the event made the gentlemen soul happy. All of this is connected to sports. To see what people will do just to see one man play and describe it as priceless shows that sports hold much more power in the world to provide happiness and stress if your team constantly losses or makes dumb mistakes. Therefore to not see that sports provides people with a chance to be truly happy is that you are being blind to a changing world that is involving sports more every day.

Posted for Chris Redditt (#12)

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