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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

3rd Final Installment (#8)

Whitney Ingle
(#8 TR)
3rd Final Installment

This I Believe (cont.)

                Before my government class, I was pro-life the whole way; I believe if you are blessed with a gift as precious as life why try to destroy that. Being adopted myself and knowing the hard times my mom went through because she couldn’t have a child of her own, I know that many couples are not capable to bear a child. Life is precious and should be guarded; however, I realized then how close minded I was to this topic. I know that there are multiple outstanding situations that women do not imagine themselves in-the main one being conception after rape. My teacher did inform our class that multiple people are known to be pro-choice but are completely against abortion. Many may ask how you can be both. The point is like agreeing that gay couples have the right to be married. People can believe that gay couples should have the right to be married without being gay themselves. The main reason behind this is that people have the right to choose what becomes of their life. I believe everyone deserves to have a choice and not have that taken away from them. Even if you do not agree with abortion, like me, you cannot make everyone else’s decisions regarding their body, safety, and life. In all cases, I would hope they would consider adoption if they still didn’t want a child; so many other lives can be improved and affected through the adoption process, but people never know the decisions they would make until faced with that problem. No one should have a choice taken away from him/her. I trust that our forefathers created a great foundation for our country and addressed the liberties that every person should have. The right of privacy, even over one’s body, is included in these unalienable rights. This I believe.


  1. Being literally pro-choice is indeed to support the right of individuals to make choices you think you wouldn't have made, or don't approve of. And being pro-life should mean, correlatively, supporting others' right to make all kinds of life-affirming choices. The demand that others should always choose as one would have chosen is not to support either life or choice.

  2. Very interesting way of looking at things! I never thought of it that in depth honestly. I do feel like everyone should do whatever they think is best for them. I was too adopted and I know how much my mother appreciated that she was able to do that. So when letting your child go for adoption can really strengthen someone else's life.