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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Krystal Bird 3rd installment


Why is a Christian Philosophy Important?
Good question. We already went over that a philosophy is a filter to which people view the world and make decisions that affect their lives. Developing the right philosophy makes all the difference. I am not going to say that you have to have a Christian philosophy and if you don't then you're an awful person. I will, however, say that I have found a Christian philosophy to be the most fulfilling. Basing your decisions off of your faith leads to less stress and less chaos because you are no longer living a life that is contrary to your religion. If you are a Christian then you need to base your life and the bible and not just what someone tells you. The entire bible is breathed by God and has been made available for teaching and reproof, so it doesnt make sense to never read it and test religious leaders with scripture. Chances are, if it doesnt match scripture then it isn't from God.
"many Christians no longer have an untainted biblical view of how and when God formed the earth...One such theory is the thought that God was responsible for the Big Bang and that living beings evolved from that point. Another is that God did form each creature, including humans, as individual and unique entities but that He did so millions of years ago. And those many years also account for the earth’s natural evolution through things like volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and erosion."

"According to Young Earth theorists, God did create the earth, the heavens, and every living creature, just as stated in Genesis 1. Based on Scripture, creation covered a span of six days – literal days, because each had a morning and an evening and because this is the same type of day as referred to in Exodus 20:8-11 where the Sabbath is discussed."

"Dr. Grady McMurtry is an evolutionist-turnedcreationist scientist who has worked hard to prove the Young Earth Theory. “Whether you look in the earth, on the earth, or outside of the earth in space, there is plenty of evidence to show the earth is young,” says
Dr. McMurtry. In fact, McMurtry states that there are over 270 geochronometers, or earth time clocks, that demonstrate a recent creation of the universe. For example, minerals and gemstones found inside the earth are said by evolutionists to take millions of years to form. But Dr. McMurtry has found evidence of gold being formed in fewer than five hours, and he states that in 2006, it was discovered how to produce flawless diamonds in fewer than twelve hours. McMurtry also points to stalagmites – which supposedly take millions of years to grow – having formed on Mayan pottery
made in AD 700, as evidence of a young earth."

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  1. "Basing your decisions off of your faith leads to less stress and less chaos because you are no longer living a life that is contrary to your religion" - maybe so, but when people of other faiths make decisions in turn, the result is often stressful - especially when one or both take an exclusionary stance towards the other. And what if you've chosen the wrong religion?

    "The entire bible is breathed by God" - again, trouble ensues when different people look to different holy texts and insist that THEIRS is "breathed by God."

    A young earth? I'm sorry, that's simply not credible. Or even serious.