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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Installment 3

I remember when I was younger, one of the most common questions was, “How am I suppose to be happy?” Children would get frustrated with their parents and parents would be frustrated with their children. The question had no age limit on it though. Most people believe that question comes from younger ungrateful children, but I heard plenty of adults who wanted answer too. This is the season for miracles and happiness yet many people seem to still be unhappy by always wanting more or not wanting what they have. This is why I like David Hume’s quote stating, “He who is flexible enough to adapt to any circumstances is truly happy.” It basically means no matter how many lemons life hands you; you will always find a way to make lemonade. The other quote that relates well to this is, “Tendency to joy and hope is true happiness; tendency to fear and melancholy is a real unhappiness.” The tendency to always what to see the glass half full instead of the glass half empty will lead to a happier life than those who never see the top half of the glass and only focus on the bottom. If a person has this tendency, it will make them flexible enough to adapt and create happiness in any situation.  This is the best of the year to practice being happy and maybe it will help influence others around you to be happier too. Happiness is not about good things always happening to you, but finding the good in everything that happens to you.

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  1. YOUNG David Hume didn't yet appreciate the wisdom of seeing the glass half FULL; forrtunately for him, and for all of us who've been inspired by his example, he was flexible enough to learn that lesson! (But, not "everything that happens to you" is good... it's important to learn and grow after BAD things happen, too.)

  2. Both of these quotes are very positive ways of approaching life. That is something I can really appreciate and get behind. Thank you for this post!