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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Exam Discussion Blog Post - Alex Baker

Give an example of something you truly understand. Can you rule out the possibility that a machine could understand it too, in the same way? How? Or, if not, does that bother you? Why or why not?

I chose the discussion question discussing something that I truly understand. I believe as a human I understand emotions. Humans know how to feel whether that means actual touch of something warming or the emotions you get inside. When the cliche of "butterflies in your stomach" is said what automatically comes to my mind is a feeling that no other being could comprehend. I do not believe that a machine or a robot that man kind makes can fathom the emotions and feelings we do. For example, the sense of touch and the feeling that you get when being around someone that you are in love with is an emotional connection that can only be based on feeling and a specific connection. I feel like technology today has been able to fill in for repetition in repeating what a human has to say and has been given a voice, but I feel as if the emotional connection behind what words have to their meaning is non existent. It does not bother me that robots and machines have no emotional connection to humans. I think the fact humans can have emotional connections is a beautiful gift from God and if man kind were ever to create and if it were even possible for robots to connect meaning with words and touch, then it becomes a obtainable thing. No longer would emotional connections be a gift.



In the movie, "Her", we see a man who longs for love. Theodore's wife leaves him and he continues to search for love and compassion. He finds this in his computer where he hears a voice that is able to take place of his wife. I feel that when we look at examples of robots that can "feel" I believe this "feeling" that is being shown is felt by the human, but heard from the robot. The voice that "Her" creates responds to Theodore and that gives him a sense of companionship. Humans long for companionship and care in their life and having someone, whether it be a human or robot, that can be fulfilled, but only for a short period of time. After a while humans need touch and to "feel", and robots simply cannot fulfill that.

Short video of "Her"

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