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Friday, December 4, 2015

Ethan Holley- Stephen Amell/Cancer

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As a society we love to follow celebrities. Some not so much, and others we wonder how they ever became celebrities (like the Kardashians). We are quick to follow someone who has done nothing and will never do anything, but when it comes to a celebrity that does something we automatically assume they are doing it because they are famous. What they don't know is why some of these celebrities get behind charities. Because it looks well for them? Because some of the others are behind it as well? These are the people we like to follow, the ones that do something to make them look better without doing anything but attaching their name to it. Instead we have people like Stephen Amell, Jared Padaleki, Paul Blackthorne, well known people that get behind something that means something instead of charities like hunger in America.

We dismiss the celebrities that try and help anyone as saying they are doing it for the money or doing it for the publicity. In the show ARROW Amell(Oliver Queen) was known as a giant party boy in the beginning, then when he returns home he tries to help his family and his city by any means necessary.
Most celebrities nowadays are "the party boys", with only a handful actually doing something worth mentioning. In the start of season 2 he states that he will no longer kill anyone, then later on we see him use a couple of trick arrows, like one with a boxing glove on the end. At this time he thinks of himself as Oliver 2.0 for trying to better himself. In reality do we ever have a few 2.0 celebrities that are willing to help not just themselves but everyone around them.

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  1. It's true, most celebrities are famous for being famous. We need to celebrate those who do good in the world, and especially those who do so without notoriety or recognition.