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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Joseph K. Sasraku
3rd Installment
Truth and Christianity.

The Truth: someone or something must know the truth right? Someone must know what really happened and how it happened and when it happened or even better when it’s going to happen. And that’s when God comes in, john 14:6. “And Jesus answered, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” I never really understood that whole verse in the bible so it was at my fellow football player Christian Saad’s house where I asked to see if anyone else understood. Christian held a bible study at his house after every Thursday practice, that being the last practice before the game the next day. They were always funny we’d play video games for about 2 hours, his mom makes in my opinion the best cheese dip and after eating we’d all gather in the living room and have bible study. Saad would lead it of course he was and upper classman as well and there were no more than 12 people there out of the 12 about two or three of us were black and id have to say that made no difference when it came to atmosphere but the message seemed slightly difference than what we blacks were used to. For example he said as a Christian all you have to do is ask God for forgiveness when you sinned and you shall be forgiven, but I was thought that one, I should not sin and that there is no excuse for sinning but in the case that I did I was supposed to pray to God for forgiveness, repent in my heart and confess my sins. But that’s not the point I asked Saad what Jesus meant when he said that he was the way, the “TRUTH” and the life. And he told me it meant that in every situation Jesus is the answer. And I took that as it was and stuck to it but it was not until later that I realized that he gave me not necessarily the wrong answer but the wrong on the specific question that I asked. And I believe Jesus said that because he is the only all-knowing being and he is the only one who know the real truth about any and every thing and situation. So in other words he is the truth.

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  1. "The Truth: someone or something must know the truth right?" You lost me right there.

    If Jesus was a human being, as many of us believe, then he too was fallible - like every other wise person who's ever walked the earth.

    I'm glad the cheese dip was good.