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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Evolution of Malcolm X Pt.2

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The Evolution of Malcolm X Pt.2  

On December 4th , Malcolm X was silenced and suspended by Elijah Muhammad  after Malcolm reportedly stated about the assassination of John F. Kennedy , "[the] chickens had come home to roost".  

Following this suspension , Malcolm announced his departing from the Nation of Islam on March 4th , in order to start a new movement. Malcolm felt restricted by the  conservative philosophies and practices of the Nation of Islam that prevented him from becoming a prominent leader and large contributor to the larger civil rights and human rights movements 

As X's philosophies began to change yet again, he began to feel the need for a sense of "Black Nationalism". This is education to black communities about the importance of self-respect , dignity , investing in one's economic community and understanding political participation within one's community.  

On April 13, 1964 Malcolm leaves for his spiritual Pilgrimage to Mecca and Africa. Malcolm shares his new political and economical philosophy on his return back from his spiritual journey. He questions his own philosophy of "Black Nationalism" and begins to think about the idea of a development of Black culture and black roots in white America 

The last nine weeks before his assassination , Malcolm begins to show a strong sense of opposition towards the specific , rigid teachings and values of Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam. His thinking has become more opened and less restrictive and his idea of Islam becomes more disbelieving in the need for Black Separatism and the evil representation of the "White Devil". It even becomes more tolerant to , Muslims , who do not believe in Black Separatism and calls for positive relations with other religious and non-religious , non-Muslims 

A surprising fact to note about the broadening opinion philosophy of Malcolm X is his late relationship , with once opposing leader , Martin Luther King Jr. This is due to the relation of both philosophers becoming closely related during the latter periods of their life. As Malcolm becomes more tamer in his ideas , Martin becomes more radical. They both begin to have a strong sense in Anti-capitalism during their last years. While Malcolm's death is a result of his open opposition of the Nation of Islam , Martin's death could be closely tied to these later views.  

Sources : http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/09/29/the-evolution-of-malcolm-x-his-philosophy-in-the-struggle-against-racism-and-injustice/

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  1. I think the Autobiography of Malcolm X was the first serious adult book I ever read, as a kid, and it had a profound impact on me. I understood his anger, but appreciated his later moderation as evidence of a mind willing to challenge itself and to grow. It's so tragic that he didn't get to finish his journey.