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Thursday, December 3, 2015

David Hume, Installment #2

Posted for Elsbeth Embretson (#8)

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The reason I chose David Hume as the focus of my report is his ability to put his work away at night. I talked a little on this in front of the class when I was giving an overview of my report. David Hume had such a scientific approach to philosophy, but at the same time he was open to the abstract concepts that followed in the everyday world. Despite, his passion for the subject he was a man who could pack it up when he went home and leave work at work. I admire him for this. I feel as if more people should to strive to leave work at work and when they are home actually be home. Many people and parents’ struggle with this concept of hanging up their work hat at home and letting the tension from the day just slip away. People tend to take their stress home with them. David Hume in this case is a good role model for people. The ability to leave work at work gives him the rare opportunity unlike most people to actually hear and pay attention to others’ opinions and views on certain topics. I believe his ability to just go out and have a beer was his greatest strength as a person and a philosopher. He was able to see the abstract in the concrete and create concrete out of abstract by teaching people to focus on the different point of views that everyone has. He was able to teach people that perception is everything to a person and concrete to someone maybe abstract to another.

Posted for Elsbeth Embretson (#8)

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