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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Section 12 Group 2 Mid-Term Project Summary

The Philosophy of Super-Villans

Meagan-- Harley Quinn
Morganne-- Joker
Morgan -- Loki
Elizabeth-- Two Face & Prezi
Evan-- Intro & Bane
Jason-- Magneto & Conclusion
Cody-- Venom

We each chose a super-villan, dove into their minds, & explored why they commit the horrible acts they do. Are they simply evil or is there a motive behind it?



  1. Hey I could not find my groups week post, so i'm going to post about the readings here...

    I read Descartes
    FQ- Who came up with the Method of Cartesian Doubt?
    DQ- Do you believe that you cannot trust your five senses?
    Link: Here's a link to a Youtube three minute philosophy over him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHihkRwisbE

  2. Group Two Section 12 Summary

    In class we listened to Group 3's presentation on the philosophy of cults. It was a very interesting subject matter and the group made very good points minus a few snags with the opinions of some of the cult leaders been philosophical. All and all, Group 3 made good points and did a great job.

  3. Morganne Stanfill1:26 PM CDT

    I read the Pascal section in LH.

    FQ: Which philosopher was a devout Catholic, saw evidence of the Fall everywhere, and believed humans were driven by sexual desire? Blaise Pascal (LH 69-70)

    DQ: At the beginning of the Pascal chapter, the author discusses that if you aren't sure God exist do you live your life as you wish or do you still live as God wishes even with uncertainty. What are your views on this? (LH 69)

    FQ2: Who wrote Pensees, a work on his defence of his version of Christianity? Pascal (LH 70)

    DQ2: Pascal believed belief in God was about the heart and faith, what do you think its about to believe in God?

    LINK: Follow this link below if your interested in Pascal's book, Pensees