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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Philosopher In Office? #Final2

In 2008 when Obama first ran for president he was one of the most fascinating speakers to watch. I am sure that anyone who remembers watching him, also remembers his claims to end the war over seas. Obama is an open pacifist to a certain extent. The war over seas is still not 100% over, but it is much closer now than it was. Let us not forget that he, also had a hand in the mission to kill America's biggest enemy Osama Bin Laden. Our president is a pacifist when he needs to be, yet he knows when to get business done. These characteristics are similar to a very famous philosopher who can found in one of our readings in "The little history of Philosophy" on page 183. Bertrand Russell is the philosopher that I am referring to. Bertrand Russell had a reputation has a strong pacifist who was anti war, but he knew what was worth fighting for and did whatever it took to achieve greatness. Both of these men are heavily decorated with educational achievements and both of them seem to be misunderstood by their society for the most part. Both Obama and Russell have numerous critics, yet they are the not type of person to give up on their goals. The anti-war characteristic of Obama is another attribute of his that is philosophical. Still not convinced our president is a philosopher? Keep following my #final and you'll see more comparisons every week!


  1. I look forward to future installments, Colton. Be sure to include the installment # in the subject line, and in the main body of text include dates of previous installments. Be sure to say something about Carlin Romano's discussion of Obama as pragmatist-in-chief. too.

    1. Also, may I suggest that you take a look at his Nobel address. Does he come across as a pacifist in that oration? Has he acted consistently with its stated principles?

    2. Thank you for the suggestions! I will be sure to look further into the readings!