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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oliver's Favs

Today was probably our groups best discussion there was a lot of concern about the final project now that we are aware we have to score runs everyday to become immune to the final project. We had a good discussion about the belief of ghost and the supernatural along with the discussion of "a perfect world" or not so perfect. I was curious about another thing about the "clean slate", but never got time, so do you think theres such thing as a clean slate?

Thank you,
Jay Mashburn


  1. "Immune to the final project" - ?

    You make it sound like a disease! You don't need immunity, though you might enjoy an exemption, which I'm happy to award to the hardest workers and top participants.

    But, seriously: try not to think of your education and learning as something to resist or avoid. It's supposed to be mind-expanding and fun.

  2. Brianna Carroll11:11 AM CDT

    I enjoyed the discussion as well! And yeah, it does suck about the final report thing. I think we were all a little thrown off. Although, someone did make a point to say that it's on the syllabus, it's just that Dr. Oliver didn't mention when going over it that we have to score runs while we are absent. I mean the syllabus is kind of confusing anyways so I can see why everybody is jumbled up on this. There was bound to be some kind of misunderstanding in there at some point.

    So the clean slate thing, in developmental psych, which was my first class ever in college, so I need to brush up on this. But, I think that we concluded that children and innately "bad" based upon some observational research that I remember studying. But like I said, I'm rusty on that topic. And I think it's all a matter of opinion honestly. That's why there are 3 different theories, "innately bad, innately good, and tabula rasa (clean slate)." Although we only discussed clean slate in lecture.

  3. Brianna Carroll11:30 AM CDT

    FQ: Rorty's 4th volume of essays from Cambridge University Press was called what?

    *Truth and Progress*

    DQ: Which 3 theories of child development do you think is right? Innately good? Innately bad? Or "clean slate?"