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Monday, March 31, 2014

Group 2 Section 12 Walk-about

Our topics of discussion today included political correctness, proving god, and free will

1. political correctness at Peck Hall. We stuck around home base for this one. Some questions and observations that came up:

1. Are there times that we're being overly sensitive?
2. Is there, or should there be different considerations for different races/ethnicities?
3. Where do you draw the line? how do you define offensive? can you use a term that is offensive on a level of 3, and not offensive on a level of 7? how do you define how offensive a term is and whether it is or is not offensive in the first place??
4. Who makes these decisions?

2. Proving God at the KOM

1. There truly is evidence that supports information in the bible, such as historical landmarks, specific tombs, etc...but does that prove that God exists? or does that simply prove that the Bible is an accurate historical artifact, aside from the supernatural?
2. we revisited Hume's opinions on miracles. Specifically, if a cancer patient is diagnosed, then "miraculously" cured at a later date, against all reason, is that a case of misdiagnosis, or a miracle?
3. To say that is clearly a mistaken diagnosis, we've lost faith in both miracles and science. is there anything we can truly have faith in, when science (based on reason, true experiments, empirical evidence...) fails us? that being said, could we not argue against faith in science just as we could argue faith in God?

3. Free Will at TODD.

1. Should a murderer be punished if he/she is completely delusional, and has no control over their actions?
2. does a person being "out of their mind" make an act any less gruesome than one who is "in their mind" committing the same act?

Great conversation today!


  1. FQ: How did Hengel suggest we thwart differenting views?
    Asking questions about their argument that expose problems in their point
    DQ: Is it wrong to present yourself as absolute right all the time?

  2. Morganne Stanfill1:29 PM CDT

    FQ: Which philosopher was a pessimist who thought we are all caught up in a cycle of wanting things, getting them, and wanting more things? Arthur Schopenhaur (LH132)

    DQ: Schooenhaur thinks "Will" is aimless and has no point. Do you agree? Why or why not?

    LINK: For more on Schopenhaur, follow the link below.

  3. FQ: Who believes that reality is constantly moving towards its goal of understanding itself? Hegel
    DQ: Do you believe that the freedom only comes from a properly organized society?

  4. I couldn't find our author post from last week, so i will post my bases here..

    FQ: Who wrote on the origin of species in 1859? Darwin
    DQ: They say that evolution is how human beings, plants, and animals have come to be as they are and that they are ever changing, do you agree with this outlook?
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKnqj3YFXU8