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Monday, March 31, 2014


Today, on our Peripatetic Philosophy Walk

We went over to see the "sky bridge."  <- also, btw, I think this is very strange punctuation.  Why is the period suppose to be inside the quotation marks (in this country)?  SEE parenthesis don't follow this strange rule!

Colt, Zack, Aaron, Shante', myself, Sam, and Jon were along on this walk

We asked certain questions and discussed our answers, like:

"Would you hook yourself up to a machine where you could have anything you want virtually?"
My answer would be no.  I think you would only say yes if you think life has no meaning, and that you don't care about other people.  Well it's true, why bother living?

"Would you want a perfect world?"
I think everyone has a different idea of "perfect." (I really hate that punctuation)
To me, who thinks this life is the only one I will at least remember, perfect would be the highest level something could obtain.  Some people think perfect would be the highest level something could be imagined to have (or possibly greater, thinking of God).  So in that case, yes I would want a perfect world, which would be the greatest possibly state this world could obtain.  It has a long way to go!

It reminds me of when we talked about whether we thought this world was perfect or not.
I think everyone said no, of course not!


  1. I understand what you mean about the punctuation thing. Only the English language is difficult. Here is one for you I before E except after C with the exception to the rule. SMH! back on topic...

    I wouldn't wan tot be hooked up to an virtual machine. Like I mention yesterday that it would probably end up something like Jim Carey when he played in "The Truman Show." I would want the real deal world perfect or not. I defiantly would prefer perfect, but we all know that's not going to happen. And real over virtual is my way to go.
    I really believe no one can reach what is really known as perfect, but only what's is perfect to each individual. Oh how I would love for my life to be a little better what it is. Right now I'm way from perfect because having to start over is a set back from the point I was in my life leading up to my perfect.
    Each person perfect is different,. We all can tell our life story in what we have done and accomplished thus far and get different opinions from different people. Some would laugh and say our life suck that we are far from perfect, other may say we half way there, and many may envy thinking we are right at a perfect life wanting what we have.

    1. I think we can all recognize things in our life we want to change. The important thing is to recognize that you are being active in changing your situation. You always work so hard, I know I am not the only want in our group to say your are really respectable and admirable!
      I agree that perfect means something different to each person though. Sometimes I think I want to do many things different, then I think more and realize I have a lot already.

    2. Thank you. We are blessed people as Americans for the most part.

  2. LH-
    FQ: Hegel was born in Stuttgart which is now called? Germany, p127

    FQ: Hegel was an admired best known philosopher of his time by the time of his death. T/F True, p127-8

    FQ: Schopenhauer was so convinced of the genius within him that he schedule a lecture at the same time as what other philosopher, but it was not successful? Hegel, p 133

    Schopenhauer talked about how music was art and that profoundly moved us with it's power and that this was a true glimpse of reality.

    DQ: Does music move you and if so what kind?

    Here is Ludwig Beethoven Symphony #5 -

    1. Zachary VanDusen1:47 PM CDT

      I happen to agree with Schopenhauer about music moving us. I listen to music in everything I do. Different music moves me in different directions I feel. Example, rap music gets me pumped to workout or play a sport. On the contrary, folk or coffee house rock moves me to be more successful, it's music I study to. R&B puts me in a rather emotional mood. I think music definitely moves us.

  3. FQ: Was Schopenhauer a believer in God? (Answer: No)
    DQ: Do you think music is the highest form of art? If not, what is (in your opinion)?
    LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNDw9lO8uKg

    1. Well I do believe it is a art, but I'm not sure what is the highest form of v art. I can say I love music and music does move me. It's good to my soul, it makes me feel alive, it makes me cry, laugh, smile, happy, and sad.

    2. Zachary VanDusen1:52 PM CDT

      Music is definitely art in my opinion. I also believe it is the highest form of art. Music has been around nearly as long as humans have. It's a way of expressing how one feels. Isn't that art? I feel it's the highest form because if we look at the modern world, music defines an area. The sound, the language sang, the instruments used, it all defines a specific region. Not to say that paintings and other art forms don't, but it's not as defining of a region as music is, and for that reason I feel music is the highest form of art.

  4. FQ: Hegel said, understanding always think in Terms of _____/______. PB p148, either/or

    FQ: Who was considered outsiders? AP p184, African American, women, Native American, & gays.

  5. Aaron Caveny1:39 PM CDT

    DQ: Why does music impact people? You?

    FQ: what does Schopenhauer say we are consistently seeking? - satisfaction

    Link: http://blog.bufferapp.com/music-and-the-brain

  6. Zachary VanDusen2:03 PM CDT

    About the walk and the perfect world. I agree that we all have a different idea as to what perfect truly is. As I said yesterday I feel that what is perfect is the absolute best of anything. There would be nothing wrong. However, a perfect world to me may be a horrible world to another. My perfect world would definitely consist of other people, and if the other people did not consider the world just as perfect as I do then the world just would not be perfect then. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is no such thing as a perfect world, and that there never will be. Even my idea of a perfect world be full of people that are living imperfect lives in comparison to mine, which theoretically should be perfect.

  7. Aaron Caveny2:13 PM CDT

    Commenting on what Zack put, that's why it's hard to imagine a "perfect world" cause everyone is going to have a very different view on what perfect is.