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Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Not?

                    Welcome back form Spring Break! 


  1. Thanks for that, & good luck to all!

  2. Does going crazy the day before lent somewhat defeat the intention of it?

    In what country did St. Patricks day originate in?

  3. Stephanie Byars6:08 PM CDT

    Here are my questions for Wednesday's class (March 19). Since we didn't really have time to divide up the reading and because there was so much information, I'm going to kind of jump around today with my questions . . .

    FQ: What example did Locke give to explain his concept of personal identity over physical body? (The Prince and the Cobbler, LH pg. 83)

    FQ: What famous mathematical invention is Rene Descartes created with? (Cartesian coordinates, or X & Y coordinates, also axioms PB pg. 62)

    DQ: Is who you are determined only by what you remember experiencing like Locke argued or is it based on all of your experiences like Reid stated?

    Link: John Locke and Thomas Hobbes

  4. FQ: What book of Montaigne became an instant bestseller and still is today? Essays pg, 52

    FQ: What is the name of Montaigne's essay that circle around the idea of that you learn primarily through your own experience? pg. 54 'Of Experience'

    FQ: Who describing himself as a pragmatist and "post-analytic philosopher"? AP pg. 131

    FQ: According to ______________, Rorty enjoyed a large undergraduate following at Princeton, but felt "he wasn't taken seriously by the top people at Princeton"? AP pg. 138 (Hampshire)

    Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature Analysis
    Link: http://www.enotes.com/topics/philosophy-mirror-nature

    Here a link to Morton White's book Social Thought in America

  5. FQ: (T/F) John Locke believed that someone could be the same "man" but not the same person as time goes on. (ANS: True)

    DQ: How do you think most of us change, other than physically, as time marches on?

    Relavant Links:


    John Locke's Philosophy Video:

  6. i wasn't in class on Monday for figure out the reading so i found some funny St. Patrick's day facts and video :) Enjoy!

    FQ. What is the actual color associated with St. Patrick's day in Ireland. (Blue)

    DQ: Why do Americans celebrate the death of a Saint by drinking?

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAjwL0aW6Sg

    enjoy see yall Wednesday!