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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 26

1. What 18th century skeptical Scottish Empiricist rejected the Design Argument (aka Teleological Argument) for the existence of God?

2. Why did Hume say we should normally disbelieve others' claims to have witnessed a miracle?

3. Was Hume unworried about dying because he'd publicly declared himself an atheist?

4. Who wrote in his Social Contract that "man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains,'" but also said people must sometimes be "forced to be free"?

5. Why did Hume say we tend to expect the future to resemble the past?
6. Who was Hume's economist friend, associated with the idea of an "invisible hand" in the marketplace, who said humans must either communicate & cooperate or die?

7. What was the "paradox of civilization," for Rousseau?

8. What's the all-time Philosophy best-seller (excluding the Bible).

1. David Hume-101. 2. LH 103, PB 103.. 3. no-104. 4. J-J Rousseau, 106-08. 5. instinct-PB 101.
6. Adam Smith, PB 108, 112. 7. PB 118, 123.8. Durant's Story of Philosophy, AP 170.


FQ: What does Hume never openly declare? p104 That he is an atheist.

DQ: In your OPINION do you believe Hume was an atheist?

FQ: Who are the big three British Empiricists?
FQ: Whose telescopic observations played a major role in overthrowing Aristotle's theory of the heavens?
FQ: What principle did people consider a real puzzle during Hume's time?
FQ: Who does Hume's thought experiment about billiard balls involve?
FQ: What does Hume say the basis for what we expect to happen is?
FQ: What "religion" does Peter Millican say Hume is?

DQ: What ground could we give for extrapolating the past to the future? (Hume's question, I just really liked it)

LINK: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/hume/
Here is a link to Hume's biography. It also includes a list of his works if anyone is interested.

DQ: How do you feel about Hume's view or what is the maker?

FQ: David Hume was an active Atheist ? T or F

FQ: What year did Hume publish his Enquiry Concerning Human Understand?

FQ: What did Hume relate the basis of scientific reasoning to? (Animal Instinct, PB pg. 103)

DQ: What are your thoughts on Hume's ideas from "Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding" about miracles? Do you think the advancement of technology changes anything?

Link: David Hume and his theory of knowledge

FQ: Which Rutgers University English Professor examined more than 3,000 specimens in order to put together his 939-page anthology of classic American sermons? -Micheal Warner, AP. 164

DQ: Do sermons have a meaningful place and purpose in the modern world?

Here is a link to Micheal Warner's reply to a review of his Anthology.

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