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Monday, March 24, 2014

Barack Obama- Philosopher #Final1

                                                         President Barack Obama.

  What if I said that Barack Obama is one of the most philosophical presidents of all time? Some people would not be surprised at all. If you look at President Obama's believes and mannerisms you too may begin to believe it.
  Obama is a person who has always gone against popular opinion in order to achieve a greater good, which is similar to the actions of the famous philosopher Socrates. Socrates was the kind of philosopher who questioned everything and loved to confuse people as well as go against the grain of common society. In looking at how Obama goes about his business, some would say that he is very similar to Socrates in many ways except the way that Socrates questioned everything to the point of being put to death, but with that being pointed out I believe I am a step closer to convincing readers of seeing Obama as a philosophical President.

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