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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 19

1. Who invented Cartesian coordinates and invented the Cartesian method of doubt? (How many syllables in his name? What's it rhyme with?)

2. Was Descartes a skeptic?

3. What does cogito ergo sum mean?

4. What view has been mocked as "the ghost in the machine"?

5. Who said faith should be treated as a gambling proposition?

6. What 17th century Dutch philosopher defended pantheism, professed an "intellectual love of (an impersonal) God," and denied free will?

7. What English philosopher said the mind of a newborn is a blank slate?

8. Who said the key to personal identity over the course of a lifetime is overlapping memories, not total recall?

9. What 16th century French philosopher considered permanent doubt an acceptable way of life?

10. What late-20th century American philosopher pronounced the death of epistemology, extolled the pragmatism of Wiliam James and John Dewey, and considered "conversation" the essence of philosophy?

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