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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Philosoraptors- Post Breaking Bad Presentation

           This was a very interesting presentation.  I've watched all of Breaking Bad, but many of the things they brought up I did not pick up on.  There were some things I disagreed on, such as Walt might be a good guy after all because he is doing it "for his family."  The book they were using probably said that, but it wasn't analyzing the series as a whole (it was written after season 4).  Not to give it away, but Walt confesses that he did it all for himself because he wanted the power.  Ever since he gave up his share of Grey Matters, he felt like half a man.  Meth was a way for him to feel in control again.
Basically, I think he was a bad guy!
           I did like the idea of him being an absurd hero.  Even though he is a bad guy, he still does whatever he wants and somehow you still like him a little.  His actions were self destructive, as well as communally destructive, but they were all his choices.
          Their presentation made the series have more depth for me, and I would like to watch it again with this in mind!


  1. I really enjoyed watching the clips. Breaking bad is no show I had watch, but will try to get some view episodes while on break. Kathryn I do agree with you about he shouldn't be considered a good day because he is doing it for his family. It's sugar coated excused like that which makes this screwed up world even more screwed up. I guess that goes back to A. Kenny when he said a utilitarian will at certain situation say the crime is justified.

  2. So, I started watching Breaking Bad and I am officially addicted. Walt has no doubt broke bad.
    Here is a little funny trailer I found.

    DQ- How far would you go to get your family out of debt and to protect them once you have gotten in over your head?

    DQ - Do you think Jesse was worth Walt getting himself in more danger?

    1. Zachary VanDusen2:08 PM CDT

      Interesting second question. If you look at the reason for Walt doing what he was doing, I'd say that Jesse was indeed worth it. Walt simply wanted to leave his family with enough money after his passing. If you look at it from that point of view, it was well worth it

  3. Zachary VanDusen2:24 PM CDT

    I think overall the group did a fair job on the presentation. They definitely interested some people in the series, such as Shante.

    DQ: Did you think of the series as being "philosophical" prior to the presentation?

    DQ: After the presentation did you think of the series as philosophical? And what helped change your philosophical viewpoints if you thought it was not philosophical prior to the presentation?