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Monday, March 24, 2014

Part of Oliver's favs

Consist of: Mikayla, Allie, Jesse, and Jay.
some of the topics were: Peripatetic if we liked it or not. Roty and feminism type of thinking.
First stop was Todd: Peripatetic walk abouts. We all seemed to like this although it was slightly chilled we didn't mind the idea of getting out after we are all stuck in the classroom all day. It is nice to have a type of scenery while allowing the creative juices of philosophy churn about in our minds.
Next stop was Student Union: While just collaborating on the walk to the Student Union Roty and feminism was brought up. Most of us thought of the whoever it was that argued Roty when he said we need to have new perspective on it. Some didn't think it was correct to just rewrite what was perceived, but was appreciative when we thought thats the philosophy was is to take what people say and think and question it. Unfortunately we ran out of time and I met up with Vagif to hand him ours so he could turn it in for me.

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  1. Posting on here because my author has not posted yet:

    Our discussions today during our walks were focused on reality and what makes reality true. Is "to be perceived to exist" true? We all agreed on what we deemed collective perception and collective existence. If multiple people perceive the same object at the same time, then that object is real and exists. All of this was based off of what Dr. Oliver was saying regarding reality and the philosophers' different views on it.

    FQ: According to Romano for a large part of American history the chief brand of elite persuasion ordinary Americans faced wasn't philosophical reasoning in treaties, but the____________. (sermon)
    DQ: What did it mean to be a "sermon?"
    Link: Great website page for Jonathan Edwards