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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Once again we went on a Philosophy walk. Gotha Love It!
We discussed Hume's idea of how objects have to have creators and that they aren't in existence by chance. We talked about an iPhone as an example. Questioning if it has an creator or did it just appear. The answer was it did not make itself it has a creator. We also chattered about how can a world so complex start from nothing, but we concluded that it couldn't.

Guys please if you can post more expanded details on our Philosophy walk discussion.

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The readings are:
Kant: p 110 - Colt
Bentham - p121 - Shante'

Bourke - p124 -
Moore - p132 -

Skinner, Maslow, & Coles - p185 - 197 - 

I didn't catch the assigned readings for everyone. Fill in your name by your reading

I will get the study guide question posted the by Friday or Saturday.


  1. #FirstPost

    Apparently we are looking at the world through a pair of pink sunglasses? According to Kant everything we see is just through our own prospective. Immanuel Kant was a strategical person who always had a schedule. I believe that his works of philosophy show his lifestyle of what I believe was probably early ADHD. (even though thats not real). Kant saw the world in two different ways, noumenal, which lies behind natural appearance and the phenomenal world, which we can observe. This weeks reading including a two part on Kant. The second part included his idea on what was moral and what wasn't. He states that the moral is always the truth, never any lies and includes the down right most kind way of life. His idea of immoral was similar to how most people see it now. I believe all in all Kant had this world figured out to a certain extent. No wonder he is on most of the top philosophers charts.

    DQ: Do Kant's ideas of how we see the world interest you?

    FQ: What philosopher claimed that lying under any circumstance was immoral?

    FQ: If it isn't right for everyone, it can't be right for _____?

    1. Zachary VanDusen2:56 PM CDT

      FQ: Which philosopher felt we were looking through a filter in an attempt to understand the world? Immanuel Kant

      FQ: Morality for Kant was not just about ___ you do, but about ___ you do it. what; why

      FQ: Which philosopher left instructions on what to do with his body when he died? Jeremy Bentham

  2. LH- Jeremy Bentham:

    Bentham focus was on Happiness. Most happiness come from pleasure, but there are few people who can gain happiness from pain; I don't see how that is, but they do. Bentham idea of happy is whatever will produce the most happiness to a person. it's about a person feelings. Happiness is more pleasure and less pain. Everyone tries to seek it, which I believe they should. Who wants pain or to be unhappy. The more pleasure you see the more happier you will probably be. Bentham said measure your happiness by thinking on what you did to feel good. P123 explains in details how to measure that happiness. Bentham also think you should lie, not like Kant in always telling the truth, he believe that it is not always wrong. If it is the morally right thing to do then it is okay. If further believe that animal fit his standard of happiness they may not be able to speak, but that they are capable of pain and pleasure. Yet not everyone wish to maximize their pleasure or minimize their pain.

    FQ: What is the name of the method that Bentham had for calculating happiness? Felicific Calculus, LH p123

    FQ: Did Bentham agree with Kant on being truthful no matter what? NO, LH p124

    DQ: How do you go about having more happiness in your life?

    Here is a calculation on how happy you are with your life in TIME. My results was that I am slightly happy with my life. Try it!

  3. Aaron Caveny11:59 AM CDT

    DQ: Do you think Bentham was a little selfish talking about just making yourself happy and how to measure it instead of making other people happy?

    FQ: What's was the other name for calculating happiness? -Hedonistic

    Link: http://caae.phil.cmu.edu/cavalier/80130/part1/sect4/BenandMill.html

    1. Zachary VanDusen2:51 PM CDT

      I think he was a little selfish. However, that may be due to my motto of the Golden Rule. selfishness is not a part of me so I definitely feel a little against Bentham in this aspect.

  4. FQ: Who wrote the critique of Pure Reason? (Kant)
    DQ: Do we see the world through filters? Are we able to evaluate our society untainted by external "noise" and interference?

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwOCmJevigw

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  6. FQ: The philosopher Robert Coles, who often worked with children, was once referred to as what kind of saint? (secular saint)

    DQ: As we learn more about philosophers and their separate ideas, have you begun to form your own philosophy? Also, can you see the philosopher's personalities influencing their views on the world?
    I think this is the influence of our filters!

    link: http://www.poemhunter.com/robert-coles/biography/

  7. Zachary VanDusen3:00 PM CDT

    FQ: Which philosopher felt that morality was not about what you do, but why you do it? Immanuel Kant

    FQ: Who left instructions for what to do with his body after his death? Jeremy Bentham