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Monday, March 31, 2014

Summary of Topics Discussed

Our group went on a walk today and discussed several things.

First, we contemplated whether or not we have souls.  We had some conflicting opinions.  Some believed that we do have soul, but they are easily lost or damaged.  Someone else suggested that souls are completely separate from the body.

At our next stop we talked about virtual reality.  We are intrigued by the idea.  We discussed if we were emerged in a virtual realty, would we want to be aware that it is fake?  Yes.  We would like to take advantage of the virtual aspect so we could do whatever we wanted.

At out last stop we discussed Kant's view on pleasure.  I think we all agreed that there are higher forms of pleasure than others.

James McVey


  1. (FQ) Why did Hegel's work irritate some philosophers? Imprecise Vocabulary

    (DQ) Schopenhauer: Do you think art helps us escape striving and desire, or do we desire art, as well?

    Check out Beethoven's symphony 9 that Schopenhauer mentions in LH

  2. FQ: According to Robert Stern is dialectic really a method for discovering truth? "YES"

    DQ: If there is a truth to both sides can there ever be a definite truth when it comes to complex manners or even simplified things?

    Link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/kant-metaphysics/