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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Weekly Essay #2

God and the Supernatural.

In our last chapter or so the supernatural came up and how earth came about with the different theories of how life was created. What I'm going to talk about is the Supernatural, I grew up strongly recommended to go to Church and did for many years. I was also a "Christ Follower" and was for many years. I went through some extreme heartbreaks at a young age of 21. I got married so that I wouldn't have sex without being married to follow what the Bible tells us to do and what my mother told me as well. A year later I had a kid that I wasn't ready for and a divorce because my wife at the time had fled the state and gotten pregnant with another man. Now this all matters because it wasn't because of those things that made me believe that there wasn't a God and if there was would this happen to me and all of that. What it did expose to me that stuff happens to good people. I started to think about what other adversity was going on in the world on a larger scale if there was a God why do people in other countries starve, chop off heads, and etc. is it just because we have more ethics here and some say that may be all the bible does for us? It gives us ethics to live by because we believe there is something greater out there so we want to "be good" so we can have eternal life? If there was such an Almighty God why do we have to play this game of believe and he wouldn't show himself and allow for all the terrible things that happen? I started getting very annoyed when riding with a friend of mine who is a Christian and he dodged a car and avoided a wreck and said Thank you Jesus for letting me not hit that car. Now was it Jesus that allowed that or his natural instincts? I think we know what it was. I got more and more frustrated with the supernatural community of all the rules and how the people of God are no different they just act different in a Church setting. But when it comes to daily life maybe it makes you behave a little more and if that's because the Bible teaches you ethics then so be it. But I don't believe that I have to lay down and sacrifice my life for it and so forth. Because why would there be so many different ways to do so? For instance some Pastors in there way of Christianity are never allowed to Marry. If someone can prove it to me then perhaps I would get on board, until then just because a large amount of population especially in the South follow I am not on board. Because mind you in other states this isn't as popular as it is here in the South.

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